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Visualising "Your context is your opportunity to create value"

Vikas Kapil , Dave Jarman and I have been working on a series of animations to illustrate the threshold concepts of entrepreneurial thinking. Here's how we're envisaging "Your context is your opportunity to create value"

We're using the principle of "generalisation", an aspect of Variation Theory*, where we learn about something by experiencing varied appearances of the same value.

We are bringing this threshold concept to life by imagining a world made of umbrellas. Three individuals in different situations recognise an opportunity in their context (an umbrella) and each use their umbrella to create value in different ways. They see different opportunities in their respective contexts (in the form of an umbrella).

  • The first individual lives in a rainy place and doesn’t like getting wet, so they take an umbrella from their context and use it as a shield from the rain.

  • The second individual lives in a sunny place (a desert) and doesn’t like being hot so they take an umbrella from their context, and use it as a means to block the sun and provide some shade.

  • The third individual is on a rowing boat and is finding rowing very tiring, so they take an umbrella from their context and rig it up as a sail to take advantage of the power of the wind.

When we understand that our context is our opportunity to create value, opportunities are habitually and constantly recognized and created within our own context to create value.

Not only that, but people who think entrepreneurially are resourceful and make use of what they find in their contexts to realise and exploit opportunities to create value.

*See: Marton, F., Runesson, U., & Tsui, A. B. M. (2004). The space of learning. In F. Marton, A. B. M. Tsui, P. P. M. Chik, P. Y. Ko, & M. L. Lo (Eds.), Classroom discourse and the space of learning. Mahwah, NJ: Laurence Erlbaum.

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