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Releasing them into the wild

Many students are setting off to university for the first time at the moment. It is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for those individuals and the people they are leaving behind. All those hopes and aspirations, all those fears and anxieties!

Well, it’s not quite the same, but the eight animations that me, Dave and Vikas created to explain our threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking are also now out there in the world and are taking on a life of their own. Just like parents and carers everywhere, we feel a sense of pride and loss as well!

We are so pleased with the reception they have had so far – views on YouTube, positive feedback and people telling me that they are going to incorporate them into their teaching resources across many different applications and disciplines.

Just like any parent of a child who’s just set off on their own in the world – I am curious about what they are going to be getting up to! Where are the animations being used? What was it about them, that appealed and made them seem relevant to that particular application?

I am curious to know if they are making a difference.

So here comes my request to you…

If you are using the animations (all, some or one), do please let me know where, why and what difference you think they are making. You might even ask a couple of questions of your audience:

1) How do you rate this animation? (scale of 1 = didn’t help me to make sense of this aspect of entrepreneurial thinking at all, to 5 = really helped me to make sense of this aspect of entrepreneurial thinking)

2) How has your understanding of this aspect of entrepreneurial thinking changed as a result of watching this animation?”

I can then start to build up a picture of how this resource is being used, what's working, what's not and also sleep better at night, knowing what my children (sorry animations!) are getting up to in the world!

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