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Be the pilot on the plane: TCs in Entrepreneurial Thinking will be essential for our AI journey

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the need for entrepreneurial thinking becomes increasingly vital. In the same way that a pilot knows how to manoeuvre a plane through unpredictable skies, individuals must possess the mindset and skills to navigate the uncertainties of AI. In the context of higher education, where we as educators are tasked with developing students for unknown futures, integrating threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking into our practice will help our students to unlock the full potential of AI.

Embracing Uncertainty and Adaptability

Threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking equip individuals with the ability to embrace uncertainty and adapt to ever-changing circumstances—an essential quality when it comes to AI. Like a pilot who anticipates turbulence and adjusts their course accordingly, students who grasp these concepts develop resilience and an openness to explore new possibilities in the realm of AI. They understand that AI is not a static entity but an evolving technology that requires continuous learning and adaptability.

Seizing Opportunities and Managing Risks

Entrepreneurial thinking teaches individuals to recognize and seize opportunities while effectively managing risks—a fundamental aspect of engaging with AI. A pilot must assess weather conditions, consider alternative routes, and make calculated decisions to ensure a safe journey. Similarly, students who grasp threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking learn to identify AI-related opportunities, such as leveraging data analytics or implementing machine learning algorithms, while carefully considering the potential risks involved. This mindset enables them to make informed choices and leverage AI to its fullest potential.

Creativity and Innovation

Threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking also foster creativity and innovation—the driving force behind advancements in AI. Just as a pilot explores innovative techniques and leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance flight operations, students who embrace entrepreneurial thinking unleash their creativity to develop AI-driven solutions, improve processes, and generate ground breaking ideas.


In the ever-changing landscape of AI, threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking can serve as a vital compass for individuals navigating unknown futures. By embracing uncertainty, seizing opportunities, and fostering creativity, individuals equipped with this way of understanding the world become the pilots in the plane of their AI journey, confidently steering their educational and professional endeavours towards transformative innovation. As educators in higher education, integrating these concepts into teaching and learning will pave the way for our students to thrive in the AI-powered world that lies ahead.

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Lucy Hatt
Lucy Hatt
Jun 09, 2023

Love that David/Peter! Thank you 😆


David Grundy
David Grundy
Jun 09, 2023

I did have a response to this, honestly I did write one myself (!), but then I re-read it and it was dull. So I threw my (deathly dull) response into Chat-GPT and asked it to re-write in it in the style of Peter Kay - and this is what it came up with ;-) What a cracking read that was, really got the old grey cells ticking! You're a dab hand at this AI and entrepreneurship malarkey, aren't you? Now, I'm no expert, but I reckon you're bang on the money with all this talk about pilots and navigating the wild blue yonder of AI.

That bit about 'embracing uncertainty', you've hit the nail right on the head there! It's…

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