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Presentations & Videos

Design Sprints as a Collaborative Pedagogy for Innovation and Enterprise

Pre-record for CABS LTSE 2023 Hatt. L. & Davidson, J.

2023 NULT (Newcastle University Business School Learning and Teaching) Conference Presentation

Winner of Best Video

Educator Workshop, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, December 15th 2021,"Value, Values and Impact in Entrepreneurial Education" (slides only).

Value, values and impact in entrepreneurship education (SSES).jpg

Participant feedback

"Fantastic, insightful, engaging" "Very interesting" "It was great" "A very good presentation"

"Thank you for sparking the challenge to be a "jewel".  Dr. Lucy Hatt's perspectives and insights are stimulating. Her threshold concept approach is thought provoking."

Guest Lecture - IQRA University 7th November 2021, "The Role of Value and Values in Entrepreneurial Thinking"

Conference Presentation with Professor Julie Rattray at TC2020 8th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference July 7th - 9th 2021,  "Concept maps as a way to access partial understanding and insight into experiences of liminality".

During this webinar, Dr Lucy Hatt presents the threshold concept framework and what opportunities it offers for entrepreneurship and enterprise educators, particularly for building educator teams and developing curricula. She shares some findings from her research including candidate threshold concepts for entrepreneurial thinking and explains how she has used these to inform the development of the curriculum for a PG module in innovation and change.

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